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I’ll set the scene for you:

You’re a creative person who happens to be engaged. You think to yourself, finally, the creative outlet I’ve been hoping for! I’m going to make so much stuff for my wedding, simply because I can and I want to. So you fantasize (a little) and create a Pinterest board (a lot). Then you realize, oh, wait. I don’t actually know how to do any of the stuff I just signed myself up for. Or how much it costs. Or how long it’s going to take. But now I’m in deep and I can’t get out and OMG what have I gotten myself into? Cue totally avoidable meltdown.

Enter: DIY Workshops for Brides.

This is a series of  hands-on workshops to give you fun, unique and creative ideas to empower you to create the wedding YOU want, on the budget that you have in real life. So please join us to sip champagne, share ideas and mingle with other brides.


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